dinsdag 30 mei 2017

Watery terrace

Is your house situated like here along the Oudezijds Kolk
You have to improve on your terrace. Amsterdam for Our World Tuesday here.

maandag 29 mei 2017


One for Monday Murals here.

zondag 28 mei 2017

Beautiful weather

So rush hour on the Amstel.

zaterdag 27 mei 2017


Is a big curtain wall like this proper for an inner city with small streets. The newest buildings in these situations don't have them anymore but for a reflection they are wonderful.
Looking from the other side as the reflection shot from last week. One for Weekend reflections here.

vrijdag 26 mei 2017

Watertight pants ?

In Amsterdam you must take into account all weather conditions. It can just turn around.

donderdag 25 mei 2017

High Building

Stand on top of the former Shell Headquarter Tower on the Y and you get a beautiful panorama.
I even see my former office. A little red building behind trees to the left of the photo.
Its a bit pity that the bulk of Amsterdam disappears behind the Central station but its still an impressive view. It only proofs that a subject that wil be photographed makes 99.99% of the photo. 

woensdag 24 mei 2017

Back to today

Its clear when you see this national costume. Tattoo Time.
One for Signs, Signs here.

dinsdag 23 mei 2017

Keep calm

I have no words for the horrible event that occurred last night in Manchester. Unfortunately, it is the world in which we live.
One for Our World Tuesday here.

maandag 22 mei 2017

Passing by.

On the place where once the Ajax stadium was situated a mural has been revealed of Johan Cruyff celebrated as Ajax player with the biggest triumphs on the day of becoming 70 ( 25 of April this year) hadn't he died on lung cancer 24 may 2016. Sadly the world lost one of its best football player and trainer that day. One for Monday Murals here.

zondag 21 mei 2017

Relaxing on Sunday

The canal in our little village a bit green on the moment.

zaterdag 20 mei 2017

New shop in Town

The back of a new shop in town, Hudson Bay flagship store, with its front on the expensive Rokin in Amsterdam, designed by former colleague and friend Frederik Vermeesch from Rijnboutt Architects. Also one for Weekend Reflections here.

vrijdag 19 mei 2017

High view

Yesterday I had the pleasure to find myself behind the big glass windows above the canal in one of the newest buildings of Amsterdam University. ( Architecture by AHMM from London). A restaurant called the Bridge.
The view is really stunning. Also one for Skywatch Friday here.

donderdag 18 mei 2017

From the hip

3 examples of recent hip shots in Amersfoort 

woensdag 17 mei 2017

That way

But to what. One for Signs, Signs here.

dinsdag 16 mei 2017

Bare feet parade

Coming from the supermarket going home we were surprised by a parade. Something you see rarely or not at all in the Netherlands.
The Sikhs in the Netherlands were celebrating Vaisakhi, the birth of modern Sikhism which falls at the same time as the harvest festival in the Punjab.
very impressive and colorful
and that you don't expect
on your daily shopping round in Almere. (I didn't know that we have so many Sikhs living in Almere). One for Our World Tuesday here.

maandag 15 mei 2017

Raw city

One for Monday Murals here.

zondag 14 mei 2017

Invasion of the Scotts

The advantage of sitting on a terrace is all those passers by.

I asked them what they are going to do. Oh just keeping holiday was the answer. 

zaterdag 13 mei 2017

Oudezijds Voorburgwal

One for Weekend Reflections here.

vrijdag 12 mei 2017

Former Glory

The V.O.C. ship Amsterdam and the steam tug Cristiaan Brunings in front of the maritime museum seen from the former navy yard, since two years open for public. ( Must admit I was there never before and made with my toy from yesterday). One for Skywatch Friday here.

donderdag 11 mei 2017